Best App to balance your childs screen time usage

Simple Interface

A simple interface allows for the app to be used both by parents and children.

Multi Platform

The app can be used to monitor screen across devices.


The App keeps a log of all activities. This allows the parent to monitor how the child is using the app

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Set Daily Limit

The App supports different limits on weekdays and weekends.

Get active children

The app allows for the child to earn more screen time by being active.
The app encourages the child to spend time on physical activities.


The user will get a notification when there screentime limit has been reached. Also the parent has the option to receive a notification via email when the “time is up”.

What is ScreenFuel ?

ScreenFuel is an app that aims to help parents and kids manage how much time is spend in front of tablet, phone and computer screens.

The App enables the parent to set limits for how much screen time the child is allowed it while at the same time giving the child the opportunity to earn more time by being active.

The idea is to motivate the child to get obtain a good balance between screen time and physical activities.

What is ScreenFuel not ?

The ScreenFuelApp is not a typical parental control app. ScreenFuel does not try to “lock” the device when the child has spend to much time on screen activity. ScreenFuel should be used in dialog with your child. This app is the No. 1 choice for the involved parent that wants a tool that facilitates dialog and not only restrict screen time. Screen fuel help parents to limit screen time but also urges your child to be more active. We feel that this is a more viable and long term approach also with households full of devices and screens we do not see any value in locking down one device/screen just to have the child move on to the next one.

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Usable by both parents and children

Simple Interface

A simple interface allows for the app to be used both by parents and children.

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Real time tracking

Screen time tracker:

The app has a built in screen time tracker that you /the child should start when any screen usage is initiated.

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Get a more active child

Add physical activity:

The app has 50+ physical activities that you/the child can choose from. Each activity will give a “reward” of extra screen time based on the energy level needed for the activity.